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Why Us?


There is a broad area of overlap between Emergency Medicine and Occupational Medicine.
Occupational Medicine is just not about prevention; it is also of handling emergencies.

More lives are lost due to emergencies rather than chronic health issues in industries.

The skill sets and work profile of Emergency Medicine (EM/EMS) and Occupational Medicine overlap.

“The Occupational Medicine specialist comes from aPreventive Medicine background with training that emphasizes epidemiology, biostatistics, andtoxicology.”

“The Emergency Medical specialist comes from an Acute Care background with trainingthat emphasizes emergency illness and injury recognition and treatment.”

Their roles intersect when the worker becomes injured or acutely ill.

When issues relate to preventive medicine skills, the occupational physician’s role comes into play. Whenthe situation demands emergency care (e.g., accidents or cardiac emergencies), the doctor then needs to use his EMS skills.

The American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) in its information paper on The Role of Emergency Medicine in Occupational and Environmental Medicine states: We call this overlap “industrial medicine.”

Emergency Physicians focus on the overlap of occupational and environmental medicine issues as they relate to Emergency Medicine. By improving their Occupational medicine skills and enhancingtheir ability to provide Occupational and environmental medical services, emergency physicians canimprove health care provided to workers.

And that is where we come in! Using our EMS knowledge to handle emergencies to better the Occupational Health of your organisation.