“Our Founding CEO has been conferred with the Padma Shri for 2017" • PROVIDES EMS, OHCs, FACs and AMBULANCES • On HIGHWAYS, At PORTS , At AIRSTRIPS, In MINES, In INDUSTRIES, On OIL RIGS, On Railways & At SPORTS EVENTS • Total participants trained - 19,670 • Total training completed - 393 • Serious patients shifted - 14953 • Medical Appliances Bank beneficiaries - 2530

Industrial First Aid and Safety Training

Industrial First Aid and Safety Training

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Lifeline Foundation is a DISH (Director Industrial Safety & Health, Government of Gujarat) certified training center with affiliations to American Heart Association (AHA) Training Organisations and the Asian Association for Emergency Medical Services of Singapore.
Training is essential and key to our aim of creating an inclusive Trauma Care System in cities and highways. The Vadodara, A Smart City, A CPR City is a step towards that.
Lifeline focuses on Bystander First Aid and CPR to save lives; what to do while you wait for the Ambulance to arrive post an accident, heart attack or any other emergency.
In 2016, we touched the figure of 250 training programs, workshops & conferences conducted across the country to train more than 12,500 participants in pre-hospital care (before an ambulance arrives).
Our training programs are classified in 2 broad categories.
  1. Industrial Training (DISH approved, for meeting Safety needs of industries in the state of Gujarat & Rajasthan)
  2. Bystander CPR & First Aid Training (for educational institutions, non-industrial professionals, housewives, task-force members, traffic police, senior citizen groups, sports professionals, community-healthcare workers, hotel / restaurant staff, construction-work professionals, and all other target groups not covered in above)
Many studies quote that if immediate care is given to the victims of emergencies, the morbidities and mortalities can be halved. Our vision is to train maximum number of individuals in First Aid & Bystander CPR sothat the capacity to respond to emergencies is built on wide scale and so that lives are not lost to the most preventable causes of death. We want to make the world a safer place to survive!
Our training programs aim at developing the capacity of different target groups to respond to the emergencies they are vulnerable to; the training programs are specifically customised to address the needs of different target groups while also covering general emergencies.
Having worked for more than a decade on highways and industries to save lives of thousands of people by providing them pre-hospital care, we, at Lifeline Foundation have developed our expertise in First Aid. With our team ofwell experienced trainers, tuned with the latest scientific findings in field of Emergency Medical Services, we use our expertise to deliver training programs.
We use videos, group exercises, case discussions and role-plays to involve participants in hands-on sessions and thereby learn about the subjects effectively.